Centurion Pipeline is committed to responsible environmental stewardship in its operations, and manages environmental performance systematically. Centurion Pipeline's system fully considers pipeline industry practices and is designed to meet the company's Principles and HES management system requirements. This comprehensive approach facilitates compliance with environmental laws and regulations; promotes the efficient use of energy, land, water and other natural resources; fosters habitat and biodiversity preservation; controls emissions and releases; manages and mitigates environmental risks; and drives continuous improvement in environmental protection.

  1. Response to Unplanned Releases

    Preventing releases of crude oil is an important priority at Centurion Pipeline. Our asset integrity program prioritizes facilities and pipelines for evaluation, inspection and maintenance and focuses investments to prevent pipeline corrosion, enhance secondary containment, train operators on release prevention, audit and inspect operations. A release of any kind is assessed as rapidly as possible by a Centurion Pipeline employee or designated contractor. Our immediate response actions to control a release are focused on protecting people, the environment and property.

    Centurion Pipeline works diligently to address the incident as quickly as possible using any and all resources necessary. As a good neighbor and corporate citizen, all required government agencies are contacted and public inquiries are responded to as quickly as possible.

  2. Remediation Standards:

    Centurion Pipeline's standards and incident response polices meet or exceed state and federal requirements and industry guidelines. Disturbed soil is remediated and free liquids are removed regardless of the amount released and we do this as quickly as possible. We document and track clean-up actions and sample results to ensure that all reporting and remediation requirements are met.

  3. Drills/Patrols

    To ensure effective response to releases and emergencies, Centurion Pipeline has developed a comprehensive Incident Response Plan and conducts routine training and "spill and drill" exercises. In the event of an unforeseen larger release, Centurion Pipeline has contracted with a nationally recognized incident response company to assist us with spill control and remediation.