Contractor Safety

Statement of Commitment to Contractor Safety:

Contractors play a vital role in Centurion Pipeline's operation, maintenance and construction. Every worker's safety is important. Centurion Pipeline is committed to providing a safe work environment for all employees and contractors.

Contractor Handbook:

Health, Environment and Safety (HES) Compliance go hand-in-hand with contractor safety. A Contractor HES Handbook is provided to all contactors outlining requirements they must follow when working for Centurion Pipeline. This handbook provides guidance of state and federal standards as well as Centurion Pipeline policies on safety rules and work procedures. Contractors are encouraged to use their own safety policies and procedures only if they meet or exceed the minimum requirements set forth by state and federal agencies and the Centurion Pipeline Contractor Handbook.

Operator Qualification & Training / Orientation Requirements:

Training is an integral part of Centurion Pipeline's safety programs and pipeline maintenance. Contractors are required to meet minimum Operator Qualification (OQ) Standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. These OQ requirements were instituted to ensure contractors working on pipelines transporting hazardous material are competent to perform certain tasks. Contractors meeting these requirements are better prepared to perform their job, thus enhancing their safety and the pipeline's integrity.

Safety, emergency and job-related training is another part of a contractor's obligation prior to commencing work for Centurion Pipeline. A few examples of the petroleum industry standard trainings are: H2S, Lock out/Tag out and Confined Space Training.

As part of Centurion Pipeline's overall commitment to contractor safety, a Pre-Job Contractor Safety Orientation must be completed prior to contractors beginning new construction projects or for new contractors who have not been through the orientation previously. This orientation outlines in greater detail the policies and procedures specific to the tasks they are contracted to perform. The topics covered in this orientation include, but are not limited to, the following: Security, Vehicles, Work Permits, Safe Work Practices, PPE & Safe Dress, Personal Services Facilities, Emergencies, Special Conditions/Hazards, Contractor Requirements and Environmental Requirements.