Commercial Operations

Centurion Pipeline provides transportation services functioning as the "midstream" link between the supply and demand side of the oil value chain. Centurion Pipeline safely and efficiently collects crude oil production through its extensive network of gathering pipelines and truck stations throughout the Permian Basin. Centurion Pipeline then transports the oil to local injection stations and on to major pipeline terminaling locations via its strategically located trunk lines.

The targeted destination for the crude oil is market centers and third-party connecting carriers, then ultimately on to refineries. A fixed-fee per barrel tariff is charged on gathering and transporting crude oil. Our customers include producers, marketers, refineries and shippers.

Pipelines offer the best combination of cost, safety and environmental security for the transportation of crude oil from producers to petroleum refineries.

Strategically Located Assets

Centurion Pipeline's large-scale integrated network is strategically located to connect the nation's major supply basin to key market centers. The system's flexibility, location and scope across the Permian Basin complements our customers' asset base.