Control Center Supervisor

Job #: 2021-013
Location: Houston, TX
Type: Regular, Full-Time, Non-exempt

Essential Job Duties:

  • Develops written operating procedures for all operating consoles. These procedures include updates pertaining to existing equipment/systems in addition to any new equipment/systems.
  • Supervises Operations Controllers on a daily basis to ensure all systems are operating properly and resolves any operational issues/problems.
  • Reviews daily Pipeline Activity Reports, Abnormal Operating Conditions Log and Shift Turnover Logs and completes follow-ups with appropriate personnel as necessary to resolve any operational issues.
  • Works with field personnel and the SCADA support group on the development of SCADA screens for new operations and improvement modifications.
  • Provides support to engineering by supplying key system operations data such as flow rates, pressures, gravities, etc.
  • Works with field personnel to resolve operational issues, develop procedures, monitor measurement accuracy and coordinate field maintenance activities with control center operations.
  • Conducts monthly reconciliation of control room volume data with STAR volumes as submitted by field personnel.
  • Coordinates training for Operations Controllers on new procedures.
  • Initiates and coordinates response to emergency and abnormal conditions in an expeditious manner to minimize environmental impact, property damage and/or injury to the public and employees and to limit the financial liability to the company.
  • Provides backup for the Director of Control Center Operations during absence.

Required Qualifications

  • Knowledge of gauging, metering, tank farm, and pump station operations.
  • Thorough understanding of pipeline hydraulics.
  • Minimum 10 years experience in pipeline control and operations.
  • Strong communication skills to interface with personnel involved in the scheduling, gauging, operations and maintenance process.
  • Must possess the skill sets required to recognize, analyze and correct emergency and abnormal conditions.
  • Good basic math skills
  • Understand D.O.T. Operator Qualification certification/recertification process.
  • Thorough knowledge of D.O.T., Emergency and Operating Manuals.
  • Knowledge of SCADA system operations/development.
  • Proficient with basic Microsoft Office Word and Excel software